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CCTV vs Security Systems: Which One Is Right For You?

If you're just like every other average homeowner, the word "Security System" simply means having security cameras installed throughout your establishment. That’s exactly what it means, right? Well, not exactly. The truth is – even having the best CCTV camera doesn't mean you have a complete security system installed to sufficiently protect your property.


Below, you will learn the differences between a CCTV and Security System so you can make the right decision between the two of them.


What is a CCTV Surveillance System?


Just as the name suggests, CCTV systems mainly provide surveillance. They’re great for recording and keeping an eye on things. However, prevention isn't their strong suit. The presence of a CCTV camera may deter most criminals, but if they're determined enough, there's nothing that a CCTV camera can do other than to record what's happening.


ROf course, that isn't to say that a recorded footage of a crime happening isn't good. It's great, even. It can help protect you against liability. For example, if something happens on your property, you can always use the recordings as evidence to prove that you need to be properly compensated.


Basically, think of CCTV systems as a record of events in and around your property that you can review and peruse if necessary.


What is a Security System?


Security System is a blanket term that includes a series of devices working together to secure a particular area. This includes using the window and door alarms and environmental and motion sensors, all of which are usually connected to a central hub. Much of the information you need can now be accessed via your phone.


On top of allowing you to monitor the inside and outside of your home via real-time updates, security systems are often monitored by professionals as well.


The main advantage when it comes to security systems is that the security they provide is much more comprehensive. There's a reason why insurance companies offer discounts for homes with security systems and that's because they're much more extensive than CCTV systems.


The constant notifications and alerts also allow you to monitor and take immediate action if necessary.


But perhaps the main advantage is that security systems are monitored by professionals. For example, what happens if you're asleep or away on vacation and your alarms go off? If the system is triggered long enough, it will automatically alert a third-party company and the authorities themselves.


With security systems, you can rest easy knowing that your house is protected whether or not you are there physically to monitor it yourself.


Which One is Right for You?


In the end, there's no right or wrong choice. If you can afford it, we recommend to get both. However, a CCTV camera system in Singapore is often enough. While security systems provide an additional layer of security, the prevalence of surveillance cameras around the country are enough of a deterrent as they are already. However, in the case a burglar does indeed decide to steal something, having CCTV cameras installed in the home lets you have a record to identify the perpetrator and the exact events that took place, which will help increase the likelihood of nabbing them.



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