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CCTV with Audio Recording: The Pros and Cons

As the technology used in CCTV systems improved and became more affordable over the years, it was only a matter of time before the general public grew more aware of their advantages. Now, the market is full of CCTV with all sorts of feature sets. Some are pretty basic, while others are more robust. Some also have an audio recording, which will be our topic for today.


While it’s easy to find cameras and DVR equipment these days that are capable of recording both video and audio, finding the best CCTV cameras in Singapore requires you to do some homework.


It’s important that you do your research and read up on the pros and cons of both to know if CCTV with audio recording is worth the investment.




Improved level of security – Because you’re recording both audio and video, you’ll know exactly what’s happening around your house, business or office, and what people are talking about. This makes your area significantly more secure.


Reduced blind spots – Blind spots are inevitable with surveillance cameras, but you can keep them to a minimum by also recording audio from the surrounding area.


Better monitoring capabilities – Because you can monitor the audio as well, it’s harder for any malicious persons to hide. Even if they’re not caught by the camera, the camera might still pick up the sound they are making. If a burglary happens, having a voice recording of the perpetrators can make it easier to identify and catch them.


More information – With voices comes conversations, and in case of a theft or burglary, your CCTV might be able to pick up something they’re talking about, like their names, for example.


Another underrated advantage using CCTV of with audio recording is that it makes workplace issues easier to solve. For example, what if a female employee comes in reporting that she is being harassed? You only need to review the tapes and watch if it is true. The voice recording makes it easier to find out if there was an intent to harass.




Illegal – In Singapore, for example, there are many places where you can’t install a CCTV camera. Let alone one with audio recording. If you push through despite it being illegal, you could get fined or even sent to jail. It’s important that you check if the laws allow for a particular area you’re interested in to install CCTV cameras with audio recording.


Privacy concerns – Recording their faces and what they are doing is one thing, but their voices? That’s something else entirely. Customers (and employees) don’t like it when their privacy is being limited so much to this point, and if they happen to find out that you’re recording audio as well, then your store’s reputation or morale in the office might tank.


Just because a CCTV camera with an audio recording has more features doesn’t mean it’s the best home security camera in Singapore. While you're free to explore and try them as you wish, you’ll want to make sure that what you’re planning to do is not illegal. The law excuses no one, after all.


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