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Real Cases Where CCTV Systems Provided Crucial Evidence

Singapore is one of those places with the comparatively lesser crime rate. However, that does not negate or lessen the need for installing CCTV cameras for homes. Complacency is what allows crime rates to rise. Hence, it’s imperative not to show laxity in installing CCTV cameras for homes in Singapore. Following are a few cases in different parts of the world, where CCTV systems have provided enough crucial evidence to arrest the perpetrators and take them to justice.


Kidnap of a 22 year old woman


A 22-year-old woman named Carlesha Freemand-Gaiter was kidnapped in 2014. The local authority was aided by Maryland police who studied the footage captured by the surveillance camera. They found leads from the images, which helped them spot the main culprit and his car. Later, police tracked down the car, rescued the woman and then arrested the culprit.


Murder solved by CCTV footage


Police in Las Vegas suspected George Tiaffay of murdering his wife but never had any real evidence to arrest him. However, a look at the surveillance footage collected from his home cleared all the doubts. The footage clearly showed that Tiaffay, along with an accomplice purchasing the hammer that was used in the murder of his wife. Ultimately it turned out that Tiaffay had hired a homeless man for killing his wife and had purchased the weapon along with him. Similar incidents can very well take place in Singapore, and CCTV cameras of homes in Singapore will play a pivotal role in spotting the culprits, helping the authorities to capture them.


Shooting by a police officer


This is another incident that was solved practically by the CCTV cameras. A police officer named Sean Grobert was charged with shooting an Afro-American named Levar Jones at a South Carolina gas station for hardly any reason whatsoever. The CCTV footage clearly showed that as Jones was getting out of his car, Officer Groubert asked for the license and then unnecessarily shot him. The Officer was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the guilt. Jones’ wound was thankfully not fatal.


Murder of a kid


A 2-year old kid named James Whitey was kidnapped from a shopping centre, and then tortured and murdered by two young boys, both ten years of age. This dreadful crime took place in London in 1993, and it was ultimately solved by the footage of the surveillance cameras of the grocery store.


These are only a few of hundreds of incidents taking place all over the world, where the CCTV cameras played a pivotal role in detecting and solving all types of crimes. In fact, the latest report released by BBC says that as many as six crimes on average are solved by CCTV cameras daily. Here in Singapore, these CCTV cameras not only help to solve cases but also serve as a deterrent to crime. Get yours from a CCTV Company in Singapore today.



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