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The Five Factors to Consider Before Buying A CCTV System

The assumption that high solution cameras are the best for surveillance may be untrue. Other than the price, you may have to consider the type of surveillance and the location before you get a CCTV system for sale in Singapore.


There is an ongoing trend in Singapore of people looking for professional security and access control systems to secure their assets and homes. When shopping for surveillance systems, you may end up falling into the trap set by advertising agents. To avoid getting lost into their lies, we will identify factors that will help your buying decision.


What is the Surveillance Situation?


Every aspect of your surrounding including assets and employees will depend on security preference. The decision to buy CCTV system while in Singapore may depend on the following scenarios:


• Damage to property without knowing who is responsible
• Reduced rate of production at work
• Employees skiving instead of working during working hours


Going through such scenarios may prompt you to look for the best package. Once you have the package, identify equipment you will need for installation. Some other things to look at are the camera angle, audio capabilities, tracking features, and the quality of imaging.


Storage Capacity


Getting to know the overall capacity of the camera is quite critical if the installation is done in a busy place. There is no need of paying another company for storage space when CCTV systems for sale can offer enough storage.


The amount of space that you need depends on an immediate need. For example, you want to cover a blind spot throughout the day without having to employ a guard to secure the area. Consider having enough storage to handle all your security needs.


Do you need a Service and Installation Contract?


With every installation, there is bound to be the movement of stuff to make room for the CCTV system. Look for the possibility of having a long-term contract with the installation company to help you when you need help with system upgrades and maintenance. Such agreements help prolong the lifespan of your surveillance systems. The cost of running maintenance may be costly if you involve a third party service company.


Consider who will be in Charge of the System


The presence of any CCTV surveillance at home or work improves the output and secures your assets. Choose to handover the security system to someone who understands why the installation was done. Employees with a security or surveillance background should be the head of your security team.




A useful warranty is that which covers everything. Ensure that the choice of a warranty is that which will benefit you. A CCTV company that offers a long-term warranty is enough proof that they stand behind their products. When buying a camera which falls under the electrical appliances, an assurance that goes beyond two years may not be realistic because of how fast technology changes.


Value for Your Money


There is no better feeling than investing in a surveillance system that will last for a long time in the market. Ask for availability of replaceable components in the CCTV instead of buying a system that does not guarantee longevity.


Is the Technology Future-Proof


You need to have an idea of what technologies and connectivity used for the type of camera you are looking for. The changes in technology can sometimes happen overnight and therefore get to know what is likely to last before another system replaces it. For instance, the type of cables used for CCTV surveillance can connect computers and devices to the network, so no need for special camera cables.


Professional CCTV company should be able to advise you on the different available options that match your needs. While shopping for a CCTV surveillance system, all you have to do is to explain the current security needs and let the professionals give you the best possible solution.


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