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The Top Methods Of Securing Your Premises

Security risks are on the rise in Singapore, and this has led to many organisations to take on the necessary steps to be put in place to protect the building and assets from possible threats. An organisation should have research data handy on all potential security threats that may endanger their livelihood.


Security experts say the best approach to fighting insecurity is to anticipate one before it happens by taking the necessary steps. Here are some steps you should consider when thinking of the best way to approach threats around your premises.


Security and Risk Assessment


Evaluate the business premise, its processes and activities to uncover the hidden loopholes and threats that can endanger the company and its people. Security and risk assessment is an important step to take before installing CCTV camera system Singapore. The evaluation helps an organisation to understand why an option for securing A may not work as a security measure for B.


Employ Professional Guards


Contract a company that employs security guards, note that hiring a gateman is not the same as having a security guard. A security guard will patrol the premises to prevent and detect any signs of intrusions. They are also helpful in managing access in and out of the building.


Perimeter Protection


A physical control measure such as a perimeter restricts people moving in and out the premises. A perimeter wall is an important feature when it comes to security in commercial, public or private institutions. Before you consider how you will use the CCTV camera, make sure the perimeter is your first line of defence.


Install a CCTV Surveillance System


The CCTV is widely known for security installations and aid in surveillance operations. The business should consider them a critical part of the entire security system. CCTV should supplement the work of the security guards because they may not be at all places at any given time.


Putting Continuous Security Measures


Simple things such as securing doors, closing windows and ensuring all access points into the building are secure after everyone has left should not be underestimated. You can use a combination of locks or install biometric alarm systems for securing all entry points.


Have an Emergency Response Plan


We should be ready for any emergency even when things seem to be okay. When an emergency happens, every person in that building should know what to and where to meet for headcount. Emergency response plan limits injuries and helps affected people recover quickly after an emergency.


Install Motion Detectors


Buy a Singapore CCTV System package that can be linked to an automated switch that turns on floodlights when an intruder is detected. The motion detectors can have a central control unit that triggers an alarm system in case of emergency.


Improve Lighting System


A premise surrounded by working lights acts is in itself a deterrent to would-be criminals. Burglars prefer to work at night, adding more light means they will have to try their activities elsewhere. To control the utility bills going into lighting the perimeter, use energy saving bulbs.


Prevent Employee Theft


Before employing a person make sure you have relevant data on their history and cross check with references. Make sure every staff member is aware of the existing policies on theft. When sharing access codes only use the defined channels to minimise getting such information on the wrong hands.




With so many security risks and threats, an organisation should identify top ways of securing their business operations. It is important to note that not all security measures taken will apply for every business or premises. When planning for security ensure that, the protection of people working in that particular environment is assured.


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