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Understanding Between Wireless vs Wired CCTV Cameras

Our home should always be a place where we feel secure, and one way of ensuring that is by installing a surveillance system.


Below, we’ll help you make a decision between wired and wireless CCTV camera so you feel as safe as you can be while you are in the comfort of your own home.


Installation Process


This is perhaps where wired and wireless camera systems differ the most.


Taken from the name itself, wired camera systems have to be physically connected to a recording unit, which means running wires through walls and ceilings, past insulation. If you had the foresight to design passages for such wires when building your home, then that’s great. But, most people don’t, and that is when the cost of hiring professional installers to do it, come in.


On the other hand, wireless cameras are pretty easy to use. Most homeowners even install them without professional help. They don’t need wires so it is rather easy to do the entire set up on their own. In fact, the closest thing they have to a wire is an energy source, although some do run on rechargeable batteries.


Because they don’t have wires, wireless cameras can easily be repositioned and transferred if necessary down the line.




While wireless cameras are easier to install, they’re also a lot more expensive. In contrast, most of the expenses for wired systems come from the cost of hiring professionals to do the job for you.


Mind you, there are ways to lower costs. You can have the best home security camera system in Singapore for a lower price, or at least, incur a lower cost upfront, by working with professional installers that offer a payment plan for their services. Of course, this will end up jacking up the costs a bit down the line, but at least, you don’t have to spend as much to have them installed.


All in all, neither wired nor wireless is cheaper because good wireless security camera systems don’t come cheap either.


Ease of Use


It’s generally accepted that wireless camera systems are more user-friendly.


You can access them over the Internet, for example, which allows you to check on your house while you’re out doing errands. Higher end cameras even allow users to zoom, pan, or tilt, further improving covering and allowing users to monitor their home without so much as taking a few steps.


Potential Risk


While wireless camera systems are more convenient and easier to use, they are also easier to get into and hack. If that happens, the perpetrator will have access to your home’s camera system, allowing them to see what you’re saying for whatever purpose they may deem necessary.


As for wired camera systems, they’re not usually in danger of getting hacked since they are often not connected to the Internet and are plugged into a close network.


Both wireless and wired camera systems have their own set of pros and cons. Neither are considered vastly better compared to the other. It’s up to you to decide which of the two based on your preferences, needs, wants, and more importantly, your budget.


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